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AcerCloud connects all your devices together

AcerCloud is a personal cloud service that lets you access content on your PC from all of your devices. With AcerCloud you can use all your content, anywhere, all the time, on all of your compatible devices. You can download your favorite music at home and listen to it on your phone. Get inspired on the go and work with it at the office. Prepare your presentation on your desktop and impress your clients from your tablet. Download a movie at home and finish watching it on the go. Manage all your photos taken with your Android devices or imported from your digital camera. Take a photo with your smartphone, enjoy it on your PC.
 Acer Photo is your personal photo album for AcerCloud. Manage all your photos taken using mobile devices or imported from your digital camera.

 Acer Media is the music and video playback application for the AcerCloud service. It lets you listen to all your music and watch all your videos on any device running Windows, Android or iOS, from any Internet-connected location.

 Acer Docs is an application that allows you to access and share documents between PCs and/or other mobile devices.

 Acer Remote Files is a personal file tool. With Acer Remote Files, you can access files on any connected PCs from any connected device.
AcerCloud is supported on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 8, Android 2.3 or later, and iOS 5.1 or later. To set up your personal AcerCloud service, you'll need at least one PC and one mobile device with the AcerCloud applications installed and must designate one PC as your Cloud PC.

For more AcerCloud applications introduction, please visit the Acer website.
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