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  • When will the abApps service end?
    We will stop providing all technical support for Acer BYOC Apps (abApps) on September 30, 2018. We heavily encourage you to back up all photos and documents in abPhotos and abDocs to your local storage. Files from other abApps will still be able to be found in their original devices without being affected.
    The photos backed up via abPhotos are actually stored in "abPhotos folders" in the C drive of [Users/This PC name/Pictures] on your Personal Cloud Storage (PCS). If you've changed its default storage location, you can find your backed up photos through the following steps:
    Launch abPhotos on your PCS > click the Acer ID on the upper-left corner > Device > click the backup storage location link under PCS to find all your photos.

    The documents synced to abDocs are actually stored in the PC from which they were originally uploaded. If you can't find the location of the original document in the abDocs app on your PC or the backed up documents on other PCs, you can download those documents by signing into abDocs on the other PCs and then following these steps:
    Click and select the document in abDocs > Edit > Download as > choose the storage location on your PC where you wish to back up the file.

    For uninstalling abApps, please refer to the following instructions:
    • Windows Desktop
    Go to [Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features] and uninstall [Acer Portal/abPhoto/abMusic/abFiles/abDocs] and [AOP Framework]
    • Android
    Go to [Settings] > [Apps] > choose abApps and then click [Uninstall].
    Please note that on certain Acer Android devices, you will be unable to completely delete the preloaded version abApps. You can still disable them by following these steps:
    Android Settings > Apps, tap abApps > tap [Uninstall Updates] > tap [Disable].
    • iOS
    Press and hold the abApps icon, then click the [X] icon.
    • Windows 8
    Press and hold the abApps icon, then click [Uninstall] below.
    • Windows 10
    Go to [Settings]>[Apps]>[Apps & features]> choose [Acer Portal/abPhoto/abMusic/abFiles/abDocs/AOP Framework] and then click [Uninstall].
    Or go to [Settings]>[System]>[Apps & features]> choose [Acer Portal/abPhoto/abMusic/abFiles/abDocs/AOP Framework] and then click [Uninstall].

    Additionally, after abApps services have ended, all usage data associated with abApps will be removed as well. Your Acer ID will be unaffected in this process, and you will still be able to use your Acer ID for other services on www.acer.com.

    If you have any more inquiries about your Acer Device, please contact your local Acer Device Customer service.